Do your poop bags have an expiry date?

At Brown’s we endeavour to make eco-friendly choices as much as possible. With around 12
million dogs in the UK alone – possibly more after the lockdown puppy boom- that is a lot of
poop to scoop! If nature calls to all those dogs only once a day, that’s.. well, a lot of poop


The average single use plastic bag takes around 20 years to break down, depending on the
conditions. Not only is there an issue with a lot of our waste ending up in the ocean, but
when plastic degrades it can leak toxins into our environment.

So which poop bags should you be buying?
Firstly, be aware of greenwashing and clever marketing. There is little legislation around this
type of packaging, so be aware of statements like “eco friendly”, “degradable”, and
“biodegradable.” Make sure these statements are backed up- companies should say on the
box what type of material they are made from. If it isn’t clear, then avoid them!

Breakdown in: 2-3 years. 4p per bag
Beco have long been market leaders with their sustainable products. Beco poop bags are
made from degradable PET plastic with an additive called D2W. This means they degrade
much quicker, and split up at an atomic level even in a marine environment. This means
organic organisms can consume them like they would any other food.



Breakdown in: 3-6 months. 8p per bag.
Arguably the best on the market, Adios bags are made from 100% compostable plant
materials, mainly cornstarch. They begin to degrade as soon as organic material is placed in
them, and each box even has an expiry date! This doesn’t come at a compromise either.
Adios bags are big, super strong, and are completely zero waste.
Adios are part of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate a minimum of 1% from every sale
to help with ocean cleanups and wildlife protection. Find out more on their website…