Loss of our icon

Last month, the Browns family experienced great sadness with the unexpected loss of Gracie: our beloved dog and inspirational icon.
As we move forward through the pain we celebrate her wonderful life and treasure nearly 12 years worth of invaluable memories that will never be

In just 10 short days we had lost her, discovering the left side of her pelvis was being destroyed by what we know now to be a very aggressive
tumour. In less than a week it had taken over and was pressing on her colon. She was an extremely tough girl but we knew she was in pain and we couldn’t
save her. Gracie has been so healthy and well, even on her 11th birthday in February she was racing around with bags of energy.

We remember meeting her when she was less than a month old, her first tiny steps in the (old Shoreline) Goring Store when she was just 8 weeks old..
meeting and greeting every single human and dog like the perfect princess she knew she was. Helping herself to treat upon treat!
Her shop roles weren’t limited to just meet and greeter she also turned her hand as a Driver’s mate. Spending every opportunity with Rob in the van
delivering all the supplies for many years.

When we opened Ferring Street in 2018, she was on hand during the building and fitting out stage making sure everything was just in the exact right
place (including the pic n mix treats being at her exact head height!!)

We thank her so much for the last decade together and she has been faithfully by our sides every step of the way.
She inspired us in so many ways, she was the first taste of parenting before our children came along and set us on the path to create our natural pet

We know many of you understand the pain we are going through and had met Gracie, so we wanted to share this news with you.
As you can imagine, we are beyond heartbroken.

She will be with us forever, she was never just a pet to us she was family and nothing can repair the huge hole she has left in our hearts.
Goodbye Gracie and thank you for being the most perfect gentle creature we could have ever asked for.

Next time you look at our shop logo and spot the dog silhouette on it, know that’s Gracie you’re seeing. She will continue to inspire Brown’s in so many

Rob & Holly