A taste of South Africa

We are extremely excited to link up with Nandi’s…

We had been working closely with them for the last 6 months and happy to say we are one of a handful of stockists in the UK currently and exclusive in our area.

Whether its mouth watering training treats, every day snacks, or longer lasting dental care chews, they have it covered.

All natural, novel meats perfect for dogs with intolerances, but above all super high quality.

These treats have been tested on Gracie and Bree and went down as well as I expected. Their favourites are the Ostrich chews that are slowly air dried and smoked with hard woods, meaning they are not only great for dental hygiene, they are extremely tasty!

The Jerky strips are grain free and have Rooibos in them that help to fight free radicals, keeping your pet’s body fit and healthy.

The freeze dried training treats are sure to be a hit and a little different to the norm being 100% organ meat. Perfect for getting your pups attention with training.

A treat for every occasion and guaranteed wagging tails.

Rob Brown