A View from Pet Professionals

Gosh where do we start!

These have certainly been some challenging times for us here at Pet-Professionals. One of the reasons we do what we do is because we want to help animals and owners by offering them holistic pet care services with standards they can rely on. So to suddenly be told we cannot offer some of our services was extremely hard for us. Covid has affected our business in a number of ways, all our home boarding was cancelled, dog walks were cancelled and our mobile clinic also had to be put on hold. It was a very frustrating time in the early stages of lockdown. Thankfully we were still able to offer dog walking services to key workers so that we could ensure no dogs were being left home on their own all day. We also worked around the clock to get our Puppy School course, 121 dog training and cat / dog behaviour to work in a virtual format. Whilst not ideal, we were able to use this virtual format as a starting point to get first aid and safety advice for behaviour and training problems, with a view to further consultations in a more face to face format as and when the government allowed. During this time we have been so grateful for the patience and sense of humour our clients have applied to the virtual format and willingness to bear with us to make that work.
As lockdown has eased we are now able to offer dog walking services with lots of extra guidelines in place. Home boarding is still very quiet as although we are able to operate as a service, many people are currently not able to rebook their holidays, although we hope this will change very soon! On the plus side we have been able to open up our mobile clinic again so that many of the dogs and cats, small furries and birds have been able to have much-needed nail clips, glands emptied and dematting/removal of knots.  Due to the vets and some groomers being closed for those services the need for this service has increased tenfold and we have been incredibly busy for this reason. We have clipping many hundreds of claws over the last few weeks with our mobile clinic! These have been taking place inside our van on the driveway as we are still prohibited from entering owners homes. We have also been able to offer behaviour and training consultations out and about whilst at a social distance.
 Throughout this whole thing we have been incredibly proud of our team and how they have managed to help many elderly clients in need, even if it has not been pet related. As always, our care goes above and beyond the pet, our human clients needs are just as important to us.
We are looking forward to things going back to normal as soon as possible so that we can provide the high level of care that we always have, to as many people as possible. We are also grateful to many of our clients for their patience at what, for a small business, has been a testing time and we are grateful as always to the various pet shops, vets and clients who have been so supportive.

You can find out more about Pet Profesionals by visiting their website https://www.pet-professionals.co.uk/