Which activity toy is best for your pet?

Keep your dog or cat mentally stimulated with activity toys and games. Physical exercise is so beneficial, but it is just as vital to keep the brain active too- this promotes happy hormones and keeps your pet out of mischief! Activity toys have really taken off in the last couple of years, with so many choices now available. The only problem is, which one should you go for?

Good for: puppies, little dogs, soft-mouthed breeds, cats, anxious pets
Undoubtedly one of our favourites, the Lickimat is one of the most soothing- and quiet- activity toys that we stock at Browns. The physical licking can have a very calming effect on pets, especially those who are easily spooked as it does not make a noise unlike treat balls and wooden games. We like to use them with peanut butter, doggy ice cream, or liver paste for cats.

Good for: big dogs, tough chewers, high energy breeds
Kong is infamous for its massive range of toys, some of which are the toughest on the market. We always recommend supervising on the first couple of uses, but much of the range is safe to leave your pets alone with due to their durable nature. The giant treat dispensers are great for those who like to destroy everything they can get their paws on- the balls are physically too big to reach the back of the jaws so are much harder to demolish!
Any small treats will work, but we love the JR training treat range as it is all 100% pure meat. If you have a large breed dog and get through treats like they’re going out of fashion, why not dry a high-quality dry food such as Tribal cold pressed or Eden Semi Moist? It will work out much cheaper per kg than small bags of treats.

Good for: foraging pets, anxious pets, puppies, seniors
Along the lines of the Lickimat, the Snufflemat provides a different type of stimulation, engaging the scent receptors and the natural urge to “snuffle”! It can work well for pets on restricted exercise too, for example young puppies or older dogs who can’t walk for long periods of time.


Good for: pets who love a challenge, or those clever clogs who figure out other toys too quickly!
These toys require a little more “finesse” than your standard treat balls! With either an internal maze or a weighted bottom, these toys need your pet to apply a thought process to get the treats out. This can suit those dogs who turn to destructive behaviour when bored- giving them a challenge can wear them out mentally and hopefully make them more settled and able to relax when you are not present.

We’re going to be sharing tips and tricks all month on how to keep your pets busy while everyone goes back to work or school. Our consultants are always on hand for advice- and to show you how to work the activity toys!