Wadars Animal Charity

Based in Ferring, Worthing, Wadars is a leading animal welfare charity and has been rescuing wildlife and rehoming companion animals since 1969.

Could you care for cats with their kittens until they are ready to go to new homes?

Wadars animal rescue charity based in Ferring is appealing for volunteers to come forward who are willing to foster cats with their kittens for the extremely important first few weeks of their lives.
Wadars Operations Manager, Tracy Cadman, said;

“Whilst we have a lovely purpose-built cattery from which we rehome our animals, mums with kittens often need that extra bit of TLC which living in a foster home can offer. Once the kittens are weaned, we will take mum back and get her ready for rehoming, and when the kittens are old enough to be homed, they also come back into the cattery.”

Wadars provides all equipment and supplies required for this role, but fosterers do need a spare room in which to house the mum and kittens. A pet-free, adult only home is also needed as the cats need peace and quiet when they first have a litter as lots of noise and disruption can distress them and cause them to either harm or neglect the kittens.

A rather embarrassed Eric is looking for his forever home
Eric came to Wadars as a stray and was in a bit of mess when he arrived. So much so that apart from his head and paws, his fur had to be completely shaved off, hence he now wears a rather snazzy little blue coat to keep him warm.

Eric is a very friendly and chatty young man who likes nothing better than a lap to sit on, and if you don’t sit down, he will just climb up you any way he can! He is a very intelligent cat so will need lots to do to keep him occupied in his new home and a garden to explore and burn off some energy in when the time is right of course.

We think that he is probably about 5 years old, and Eric may be able to live with a dog that is used to cats but would need to be the only cat. He may also be able to live with older children but would need to meet them here at the cattery first.

And yes, he will come to his new home with his blue coat!

Still no offers of a home for Gracie and Blossom
Gracie and Blossom are a pair of female rabbits who were handed over to Wadars by their previous owners back in September.

Gracie and Blossom came to Wadars for rehoming because their owners were moving home and unable to take pets to their new premises. The girls, who are very friendly (and quite nosy!) are used to being handled but haven’t lived with children in the past.

We are looking for a home for the two rabbits together as they are very much a bonded pair.

To find out more about fostering or adopting animals from Wadars, call 01903 247111.