Back to school

Send your furry children back to school!

With the summer holidays at an end and normality returning to your home, your pets will probably be wondering where everyone has gone! Activity toys are a great way to keep their attention directed in positive ways and keep boredom at bay. Here are a few of our favourites at Browns…

Try these for pets that need to shed a few pounds! Chasing a toy around is a great way to get your dog moving, especially if they are normally a bit of a couch potato. Try feeding their dry food in a ball instead of a bowl so they really must work for their dinner (we also do small ball feeders for cats!)

The Lickimat range is a firm favourite at Browns, and with prices starting at £4.50 it’s no wonder! The different styles mean you can be versatile with what you want to use- try the “Soother” for puppies and kittens, perfect for yoghurt and runny treats, or the “Buddy” for more chunky treats such as the MeatLove pate sausages or Peamutt Butter. If you have a big dog that destroys toys, or your pooch enjoys picking things up and flinging them around (there’s always one!) try the Buster Maze Feeders, which are a little more robust.

If you have the canine equivalent of Einstein, try the more challenging games! These require your dog or cat to engage their brains and figure out how to get the treats, rather than just physically working to get them. These can be great for overly hot or stormy days when walks are kept short, or for dogs who always seem to have bundles of energy that needs burning off! At Browns we think our pet’s mental wellbeing is just as important to maintain as their physical health.

Now for the famous Snufflemats! Try these if your pet tends to be anxious or nervous- it directs their brain to a positive place and they’re nice and quiet to uphold a calming experience. They also work well for dogs who love to sniff (we’re looking at you, Beagles!) or cats that love to hunt and stalk their “prey”. The Kong is a classic that’s not to be ignored, catering to all ages of dogs and cats. Simply stuff with food or treats- cats love liver paste or soft food such as Lily’s Kitchen wet pate or Natures Menu True Instinct Raw Bites. For dogs try yoghurt, banana, and peanut butter, or for a more savoury option try raw meat and shredded veg- we love using the Nutriment sprats in a Kong when they’re still frozen as a healthy “ice lolly” for dogs on hot days!

Whatever your reasons for using fun feeders, at Browns we have something to suit every dog and cat. Come in store and speak to one of our consultants- we can help you choose the best option to keep your furry friend healthy and happy!