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How to eliminate fleas and worms naturally

My pet already has fleas or worms… now what? We love the phrase “prevention is better than cure” at Brown’s, but in reality sometimes we get caught out!

Introducing fleas & worms

Fleas are disgusting! They suck up to our pets – stealing blood, spreading disease, laying eggs, making new parasites by the thousand and leaving them all over the house. Immature fleas give your dog tapeworm as well.

Pharmaceutical vs Herbal flea and worming

Pharmaceutical and herbal parasite controls work in two completely different ways. The former works on a purge or cure mechanism (no matter if it’s needed or not), while the latter works on prevention.

Worm Counts - What are they and why do i need one?

Whether you worm conventionally, naturally, or not at all it’s a good idea to regularly test the worm burden of your dog to make sure they’re getting the protection they need and staying as healthy as possible.

Stress and Anxiety in Pets

While we daren’t use the phrase ‘pandemic’, it’s no secret that stress and anxiety is on the rise in our pets, and seeing them upset or frightened is every owner’s nightmare. It can be debilitating and make us feel helpless. The good news is, there is a way of dealing with it!

Why is my pet itchy?

If you’ve noticed your dog or cat is always scratching, do you know what it is that makes them itch? At Brown’s we are asked several times a week for help with itching pets, sometimes to the point of desperation!

Which chew is the best for my dog’s teeth?

It’s no secret that supermarket and big name brand dental sticks are often full of sugar, artificial ingredients, and additives- not the best way to keep your pooch’s teeth clean. So, if they aren’t great, what should you try?

Which activity toy is best for your pet?

Physical exercise is so beneficial, but it is just as vital to keep the brain active too- this promotes happy hormones and keeps your pet out of mischief! Activity toys have really taken off in the last couple of years, with so many choices now available. The only problem is, which one should you go for?

Do your poop bags have an expiry date?

At Brown’s we endeavour to make eco-friendly choices as much as possible. With around 12 million dogs in the UK alone - possibly more after the lockdown puppy boom- that is a lot of poop to scoop!

Let’s talk about poop!

While not a massively appealing subject, poop is something that many pet owners find themselves talking about on a regular basis! Your dog or cat’s stools are the best way to gauge their health and give you an insight into how their body is working.

Probiotics For Dogs aka the journey to the perfect poop!

We spent a long time reading up on gut health and probiotics. Our research highlighted how probiotics for dogs are hugely beneficial as part of their daily diet. Read on to uncover the benefits of probiotics and how they impact your pooch. According to a recent survey, 95% pet owners are primarily concerned with the digestive health benefits of the dog food they choose. Pet pawrents are right to prioritise dog food designed to aid digestion. Your dog’s gut and your own play a huge role in overall health and quality of life.

Got an itchy dog? It could be an allergy to grass pollen

If your dog starts itching around about now when they’re otherwise normally fine and dandy it could be because they’re having an allergic reaction to grass pollen.  Pollen allergies are the second most common cause of itching after fleas and mites.

The link between diet and itching

It’s no secret that there are massive links between diet and the skin. If you’ve ever been to see us in our stores, you’d know that at Brown’s we are always talking about diet and the role it plays to your pet’s welfare. If you think your dog or cat has a skin sensitivity, or they’re always itching and scratching (and driving you nuts!) then read on…

Why Liquid Herbs?

Also known as tinctures, they are made by soaking the bark, berries, leaves or roots of a plant in either alcohol or vinegar. The active ingredients are pulled out of the plant parts, concentrating them as a liquid. In the Proflax blends, the plant parts are macerated and then placed in an ethanol base.