Dry Food Guide

Here at Browns we stock a wide range of Dry Dog Food (often referred to as kibble) to suit adults, puppies, various breeds, senior dogs and those looking to lose weight. Our guide give you a quick run through of the costs and reasons why we think you will love each product. Come in and chat to one of our consultants in either store, to discuss the range of foods we stock in even more detail. 


Gracious is our flagship dry food exclusive to Browns. It is a grain free dry food with high meat content and comes in a range of flavours (10) including senior, light, small breed, adult and puppy varieties. 2kg - 6kg & 15kg sized bags available.

Costs: Based on an adult dog eating a Chicken 15kg bag, the cost will be around: 10kg dog – 45p a day / 20kg dog – 80p a day / 30kg dog £1 a day


Eden is one of the highest meat percentage (80%) foods on the market and gets great reviews every time thanks to it's really excellent range of recipes. Eden is an all life stages food, so means whatever the age of your dog, from puppy to senior, they will be getting the nutrition they need. They also have a 2kg, 6kg, and 15kg bag size option in small, or medium size kibble available.

Costs per day: 10kg dog 58p / 15kg dog 79p / 20 kg £1 / 30kg £1.42


Tribal is a cold pressed food, meaning they create the kibble through a much more gentle process compared to extrusion, allowing it to break down much easier in a dogs stomach so it's an ideal food if your dog has any sort of digestion issues usually. Tribal is completely meat meal free too, so the quality of meat is very high, plus they add some excellent additives like green lipped muscle which a big plus for a natural joints care. 2kg, 6kg and 12kg bags available, with a puppy, small breed, adult and senior /light varieties.

Feeding costs per day: 10kg dog 93p  / 20kg dog £1.48 30kg dog £2 a day.

Price per KG: £4.20


Scrumbles were featured on Dragons Den and turned down an offer from them so they must be good. Their food is a digestion dream with some really gut friendly probiotics inside to aid the immune system and help form pickupable poops. Adult, Senior, Puppy and toy bags available with salmon and chicken flavours on offer.

Cost per day: 10kg dog = 78p per day / 20kg dog = £1.35 / 30kg = £1.90

Offer: Buy 10 bags get your 11th free


"The Royals Royce" of dry food as we like to call it. The box is pretty snazzy too! This food is as high quality as you can get. It's gently baked rather than the high temperatiures that a traditional kibble is created through. It's quality of free range chickens used though is the big difference, with zero meat meal and other exceptional ingredients like green lipped muscle, make this food one of the best dry meals around. It's an all lifestages food but with small medium and large sized kibble options,

Cost per day:  10kg dog = £1.20 / 20kg dog £2.13 / 30kg dog £2.80 per day.


Canagan is a name you can definately trust. We have stocked their food since we started and it's a firm favourite with our customers. Their food is all life stages so puppies can stay on the same food the majority of their lives if you prefer. They do have a very large, large breed kibble and small breed too so lots of options. Their joint care package is second to none, so dogs get a massive increase in supplements to support their bones and joints compared to other brands.

Feeding costs: 10kg dog 80p a day / 20kg dog £1.30 / 30kg dog £2

Edgard Cooper

We are smitten with Edgard Cooper because of it's great range of flavours, small bag size options (700g) and most importantly their meat meal free recipe - so you know the quality of meat is top notch and has had minimal processing. The bags are also recyclable.

Feeding costs per day: 5kg dog 40p /  10kg dog 83p / 20kg dog £1.40 30kg £1.90

OFFER: Buy 9 get your 10th bag of EC free!

Millie's Wolfheart

Millies Wolfheart is an all lifestages food with a really wide range of blends from 50% meat Gundog mix right up to the 80% Hunter Mix. It's proving to be a rising store in store with lots of positive feedback from our customers.

Feeding costs per day: 10kg dog = 50p  / 20kg 90p /  30kg £1.30

True Instinct

True Instinct comes from Raw Food giant Natures Menu. Their food in a range of flavours includes freeze dried pieces the same stuff you will find their very popular treats. Their food is excellent quality with a nice range of flavours available.

Cost per day: 10kg dog £1.70 a day 20kg dog £2.80 30kg £3.80


Beco are about as eco friendly as you can get in the dog food world with loads of ethical reasons to buy into their company. Their food is meat meal free so exceptionally high quality and dogs love their chicken fish and wild boar options with a special puppy turkey mix too.

Cost per day: 10kg dog = £1 a day  / 20kg dog £1.77 / 30kg £3.40

Buy 9 get 10th bag free (2kg, 6kg and 14kg)

Eden (Semi Moist)

Eden have thrown a massive curve ball in the dry food market by producing what looks and feels like a soft dog treat for their food. The end result is a really palatable and exciting food for many dogs that try it because it's so different in texture. 60% meat so high quality with a loads of great reviews thanks to their unique duck and tripe and wild boar and pheasant recipes.

Costs per day: 5kg dog =  / 10kg dog £1 / 20kg dog £1.70 / 30kg £2.34

£6.16 per kg based on 12kg bag

Ziwi Peak

At 96% meat this bag of dog food is exceptionally high quality (probably the highest we sell) and because of thisit comes with a premium price. That said, it's a winner every time with fussy dogs, and in particular small breeds. All lifestatges and because the meat % is so high, the food works really well as treats too. 454g and 1kg bags available.

Feeding Costs per day: 5kg dog = £1.93 / 10kg dog £3.20 /20kg dog £5.43

Price per KG £27.99


Buy 5 get 6th bag free (Dry food bags)