How to eliminate fleas and worms naturally 

My pet already has fleas or worms… now what? We love the phrase “prevention is better than cure” at Brown’s, but in reality sometimes we get caught out!


So if you’ve seen signs of fleas on your pet and possibly received a few unwelcome nibbles yourself…the big question is how to get rid of them?

Fleas are notoriously bulletproof and – unfortunately- very difficult to get rid of once they’re in your house. The initial reaction is effectively to “bomb” the house with flea treatments, take cover, and let them do their job. We’ve all been there! But what if there was a way to have the same effect, without harsh chemicals and pesticides? 

All prescription and even over the counter treatments will come with a host of warnings on the packet- do not touch with bare hands, toxic to aquatic life, do not release in to the environment. The truth is fleas have been around, and dealt with naturally, for a lot longer than all of these products! Here’s how to kill fleas naturally…

1. Treat your pet

The first step in your plan of action is to treat your pets. Whether you decide to use powder, spray, or shampoo, make sure they are flea free and get them out of the house. If you can’t take your dog for a walk or if you have indoor cats, pop them out of the way in a room that isn’t carpeted. See our range of flea products if you aren’t sure which one to go for, ask one of the Brown’s consultants. 

2. Wash, wash, and wash!

Put all soft bedding, including yours, on a hot wash. This includes everything; blankets, sheets, pet beds, rugs, and mats. 

3. Grab the vacuum 

Vacuuming will get rid of the worst of the fleas, eggs, and larvae. It will also raise the carpet fibres so your treatment gets to work quicker. Empty your vacuum cleaner and give it a good wipe clean (if any eggs linger, you’ll be doing all this again!)

4. Treat the house

Make sure you’ve got one of two things in your arsenal: Diatom (DE) Powder, or Multi Mite Spray. Both kill fleas in all life stages almost immediately, it’s just up to your personal preference whether to go for powder or pump spray. Be thorough and concentrate on all the nooks and crannies- near windows, radiators, any fabrics including curtains and blinds. Don’t forget your outside areas, your porch, front door mats, and your car- yes really, even if your pet has never been in your car, flea eggs are sticky and can hitchhike on your clothes!

Top tip: if you have deep pile carpet or big rugs you can’t wash, go for DE powder. You can then use a stiff broom to really scrub it in and make sure no pesky fleas are hiding in the fibres! 

5. Treat yourself!

Like we said, fleas and their eggs can get everywhere and are sticky- if there is a host nearby they will cling on! Get the clothes you’re wearing on a hot wash (and a cup of tea on the go, you’ve earned it!)

6. The aftermath… 

Once everything is done and dried, you can vacuum again- we normally recommend leaving the treatments for 48 hours to fully dry and take hold. If the infestation is severe, you can repeat steps 1-5. Keep combing your pets with a flea comb for 3-5 days to make sure they’re completely clear. 

If your pet has a recurring problem with fleas, use Billy No Mates to repel them.


Worms are a bit more difficult as the symptoms are not always obvious! If you suspect your pet has worms, or you just want to check if they do, worm counts are just the thing for you!

You can test for common intestinal worms and lungworm. Lungworms must be treated chemically, and can be fatal if left undetected. For more info read our blog on How to Switch

If your pet tests positive for common intestinal worms (hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm, etc) you can either use a pharmaceutical wormer, or food grade DE powder. DE will take effect quickly but should be used for 30 consecutive days to ensure you eliminate the whole life cycle of the worm.

This will clear your dog’s gut and return them to ground zero. From this point the Verm X will repel any further infestation by making your pet’s gut a strong but hostile environment- any further eggs that are ingested will be straight back out again! 

For more info or advice on which treatment is best for your pet, speak to one of the Brown’s consultants in store, on email, or by social media. 

Watch our flea & worm Q&A video here 

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