Case Study: Stella

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Stella is an <insert breed and current age> and since birth her parents had always struggled with having poor digestion resulting in almost daily having runny poos and sometimes no forming at all. Stella’s mum Cheryl visited Browns recently to discuss the issues and get some advice from our team.

Stage 1 – New Food

One of the key findings from our consultation was that Stella had been on a wide variety of foods including expensive and specialist prescription dry foods. We suggested opting for a wet food to help ease digestion a little and recommended one from Scrumbles because of the added Slippery Elm; This is herb that is proven to help digestive ailments by reducing inflammation and lubricating the digestive tract. We additionally also suggested the salmon flavour Scrumbles, as wanted to additionally rule out poultry as another potential issue.

Stage 2: Digestion Supplement

Whilst changing foods can often cure many digestion issues we come across, it’s not the full story. A well planned supplement in addition to a food change can really have a big impact on results, and because of the gentle usually herb based nature of all our supplements, they are wonderful stand alone products that work wonders to support and enhance any planned changes. In Stella’s case we felt that she needed some major tlc in her gut and that’s exactly what Tummy Tastic is all about. It’s a power-packed powder formula that supports a healthy balanced gut and digestive system. It keeps tummies happy and gurgle free, aids the absorption of nutrients and supports optimal immune function.

Comment here how long it took before poo started to form again properly?


Comment from Cheryl on anything additional to say about the process and her overal opinion of the products, summarise thoughts etco