Cats go Raw

We recently expanded our frozen range of raw food for Cats to include some wonderful foods from Purrform. Their range includes pots, pouches and some very exciting treats such as Kidney, Heart and Quail.

Purrform is now one of four other brands that we currently stock offering raw foods for Cats. Nutriment, Natures Menu and Natural Instinct are the other three. There are a huge range of flavours available and wide variety in terms of packaging to suit all freezer sizes too!

Cats are carnivores, so it’s no wonder we see them thrive on a raw diet. Whilst dry and wet foods are still our most popular in terms of purchases, we have seen a big increase in cat owners trying raw foods at both stores and reporting positive outcomes, including comments along the lines of, “it’s not as smelly or bloody as i was expecting”, “it’s not as expensive as i thought it would be” and “my cat is really enjoying raw”.

We believe that the benefits of a natural complete Raw cat food meat and bone diet far outweighs those associated with cooked and dry food. It is now widely accepted by many animal and veterinary professionals around the world that a raw food diet can have many health benefits over processed food. Your cat is able to digest and utilise the ingredients in raw food as this replicates what it would eat in the wild.

Raw feeding for cats is still relatively in it’s early days compared to the amount of dogs we see transitioning to this type of diet, but in terms of feedback so far, the results have been excellent with many owners seeing their fussy cats enjoy a full meal for the first time in ages!

As with all our foods, we would advise a full consultation with one of our team in either store before you try a new raw diet for your cat.