Customer Testimonials 

Why Raw?

We recently asked our members to tell us about their dogs poop. One of our customers Lucie, wrote this really helpful testimonial, to explain what led her to switch her dog Champ to raw food. 

Dogs Name: Champ

Dogs Breed: Greek Hound – CARAT dog 😊

Dogs Age: 18 months old


Tell us about your reason for switching to raw food?

Champ was on Arden Grange Grain free complete dry food (we would soak) previously plus we had tried a couple of others too. However, he has a sensitive tummy and was often sick every morning after eating. He also used to go for number 2s several times a day often averaging around 7 or 8 times. They were not solid – rather slimey at times and foul smelling. After a couple of people mentioned about their Dogs being raw fed I decided to try it. For me I was worried because of the fact its raw meat – I’m quite squeamish. I also thought it would be far more expensive but in reality it’s the same if not slightly less than what I was spending.

Since changing to raw food (Natural Instinct) Champ’s number 2s are much more solid and tiny in size. He only goes twice a day too. He changed overnight quite literally. Because he was so frequent with going to the toilet, I decided with advice from staff to change straight away rather than a phased transition as I couldn’t see it making him any worse. And right I was – no worse at all but far better. Literally went to ‘normal poo’ overnight. He was far happier in himself too


Did you get advice from the team at Browns?

Yes, from staff at Ferring branch. They were really informative and guided me through the options.


What major benefits have you noticed since switching?

Champ seems more content, his coat is super soft and glossy and he just seemed happier too. He absolutely loves his food now and will bark at me on the tines of meals times if I haven’t done it on time 😅 I also find his breath doesn’t smell as bad now.


What are the cost differences?

For us the cost is no different. I thought it would be more expensive but its not.


Which brand and flavour are you currently feeding and why?

I feed him Natural Instinct Complete Turkey flavour. I went with this as it was recommended. Champ has high energy levels, and this is a working dog option which suits his energy levels. The flavour doesn’t smell like some of the others do and he seems to enjoy this flavour the most. It comes in 1kg tubs and lasts upto 4 days if needed in the fridge once defrosted. Its great value for money for a high-quality product.


Any other comments?

I honestly never imagined feeding my dog raw food. But I am so glad I tried it and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone. Depending on which food they feed their dog it may be slightly more but it may also be very similar if not the same as what there already paying and there are some huge benefits to raw feeding – the biggest one being nicer poos !!