Something Different

We love positive feedback and exploring new alternative products with our customers. Buddy, pictured below (to the left of the phone image), was on an internet monthly subscription pet food (you may have tested their free trial) but wasn’t all that excited by the quality, taste and value for money. Luckily for Buddy, we recently started stocking Different Dog, so his mum gave it a go as an alternative. The photo on his owners phone represents the half and half bowl they put together. Buddy ate all the Different Dog food (left side of bowl) and completely ignored his other internet based meal!

Different Dog is a gently pre-cooked frozen food, so sits completely on it’s own compared to all our other food options (Dry/Wet/Raw). It’s had enormous success with fussy dogs and smaller breeds in particular

Here’s a few notes from the company themselves:

We all know that saying “you are what you eat” and here at Different Dog like so many pet parents around the country, we believe the same goes for the four-legged members of the family too. We are the first dog food company to cook different recipes each week by hand, with fresh natural ingredients and a lot of love. We believe that balance is best achieved through variety, and that freshness and quality of ingredients matter. We seek to reduce waste by sourcing human grade produce that isn’t pretty enough for supermarket shelves. And our goal is for all dogs to benefit from tasty, natural dog food, not just the lucky ones.
In short – we’re turning conventional thinking about pet food upside down. 

Different Dog

You can find Different Dog in our Ferring store with 250g tubs costing £2.50 and the 600g tubs costing £4.99. There is also a 180ml Chicken broth to try which costs £2.99.