Fun in the Sun

Pet-Professionals PAWS for thought:

Mrs Jo Reber Cert AAB VN and Mrs Sarah Treagus ABTC trainer, Dip CS, PS tutor.

As we approach that time of year where the weather is better and outdoor fun increases for all of us and our pets, we would like to offer some words of wisdom to make sure your pets really do have fun.

Hot weather can mean over heating, particularly if you are covered in fur! Ensure you walk dogs at cooler times and offer water at regular intervals.

Walk in shady places such as the woods or beach. If dogs are enjoying a swim in the sea, make sure they are staying somewhere cool after to dry off rather than the water on them heating up too quickly.

Make sure all your pet’s water is topped up regularly as it evaporates more quickly on warmer days.

Make sure small pets have extra shady areas and fans if necessary. Keep them safe from flystrike where fly’s lay eggs by making sure your pets environment is clean from soiling with faecal matter and urine. Check your small pet over twice daily during the warmer months for any injuries, fly eggs or messy areas that need cleaning up.

Make sure pets are up to date with worming treatments. Fleas reproduce more in warmer weather so you may need to treat inside your home as well as your pet. Make an appointment with your veterinary nurse clinic to have a general health check and discuss flea and worming protocols in more detail or try Browns for non chemical flea and worming treatments.

Some pets benefit from a shorter coat and removing matted fur from pets is vital to avoid skin complaints. Make an appointment at Brown’s Ethical Pet Spa to get your dog tip top for summer.

Pet-Professionals offer home visits for removing matted fur on cats. We can help with matted fur for cats, dogs, and small pets. For full grooming needs, Browns is the place to be!

Just like us, pets can get hot under the collar and lose their cool in hot weather. It’s the time of year we see more reactivity and fighting in all pets so make sure they can keep themselves cool. Keep dog interactions with dogs they don’t know short and sweet. With dogs they do know, don’t let them play so long they get over heated and fall out.

With extra outings and all that running around make sure their nails are not too long as they can break. We at Pet-professionals offer home visits for nail clips for all pets.

You can also make an appointment to get your dogs nails cut in Browns dedicated grooming room, The Ethical Pet Spa, whilst shopping for tasty treats and summer toys in the wonderful store that has it all.

We particularly love Browns selection of activity feeding toys to help keep dogs mentally stimulated on days when walks need to be shorter or its just too hot to walk.

Happy Holidays
When deciding where to leave your pet whilst away on holiday, if you are not taking them with you, there are a multitude of options to suit every budget and requirement.

With most pets there are two main options: taking them to a pet holiday home facilities like kennels and catteries or a home boarding option. The other option is leaving them at home and having someone live in to care for your pet or provide home visits.

All pet boarding companies should have proper pet business insurance and third party liability especially if caring for dogs.

If the holiday care is in a business premises or their home and not your home they should be registered with the council and have a current boarding licence.

Make sure you have a good look around at a few options in person before you make you choice as you don’t want to turn up on the day of your flight to find it’s not as advertised. Look at online reviews but nothing is as good as having a look round in person and of course personal recommendations.

In most cases pet carers require your pet to be vaccinated and treated for external and internal parasites and in some cases, like boarding in their home, the pets should ideally be neutered. They should inform you of all of these things well in advance of your stay. It is best to do a trial night with dogs whether home boarding or kennelling, to familiarise them with their holiday home and to make they’re happy and not distressed in anyway.

The people looking after your pet should ask you to complete and sign a boarding or pet sitting contract and this should include information about your vet and how vets bills will be settled while you are away, any health problems and current medication, as well as your pets usual daily routine and likes and dislikes. Whilst every company I know goes the extra mile to meet your pets needs and keep things as close to normal there will always
be some things that have to be flexible to fit with running a business and adhering to health and safety, especially hygiene.

Most companies get booked up during the school holidays, quite some time in advance so book early if you can. When looking for the first time this should be done well in advance of your trip in case things don’t work and you have to find other options.

Here at Pet-Professionals we offer cat sitting and small pet sitting in the owners own home as well as dog and small pet boarding in our own homes environment.

We are excited to have just opened our new small pet boarding facilities in Shoreham. This is run by the company partner, a retired Veterinary Nurse who has extensive knowledge of the care of small pets. She has designed these facilities with both physical and psychological needs in mind. Home grown herbs and dandelions are on offer at this boutique small pet hotel with indoor heated facilities for colder months.

All our home boarding team hold a current pet first aid certificate and have attended our feline and canine behaviour and training workshop as well as our dog walking and boarding lecture. They have annual CPD and strive to be the best in their field. With a hotline to both partners if they need and can get advice on both the physical and mental well being of your pets in their care.

If you would like more information on any of the holiday care or pet care services we offer please call or email us using the contacts below.

Jo: 07958011127
Sarah: 07739385402