Harness your walk!

At Brown’s Natural Pet Store we know all dogs are unique, and when it comes to a harness you’re going to need something just as special. Here are our top picks and which breeds or behaviours they are suited to. Remember, for the perfect harness feel free to bring your dog in to meet one of our consultants for a fitting… we’ll have them catwalk ready in no time!


These Doodlebone harnesses are super soft and gentle, so are perfect for puppies or dogs who are new to wearing a harness. They are quick drying, easy to take on and off, and come in a large range of colours (you could even go all out and get the matching collar and lead!)

Suitable for: puppies, small dogs, dogs who are touch sensitive

Creature Comforts

The Creature Comforts harnesses have always been a brilliant seller here at Browns, mainly because they are padded and highly adjustable both at the neck and chest/belly. They’re such great value, especially as they come with a car attachment; simply thread the seatbelt through and secure to keep your dog safe in the car (according to the Highway Code your dog must be suitably restrained while travelling)

Suitable for: large breed puppies, any breed from small up to 40-50kg


If your dog likes to live life on the edge, the reflective Ruffwear harness is for you! With sturdy and washable material, it’s perfect for dogs who tend to dive down fox holes or run through brambles. They come in a range of colours and are highly adjustable, with a ring on the chest panel for front lead training (try it for dogs who pull, you’ll thank us later!)

Suitable for: most breeds, especially those with a deep chest e.g. Boxers, Vizslas, Sighthounds, or dogs with little fur who can get sore behind the front legs from other harnesses


The Julius K-9 harnesses come in a huge range of eye-catching colours to suit any dog. They are strong, durable, and have a built-in handle on the back panel, making them ideal for stocky breeds. Being highly adjustable is a massive advantage, especially as once the chest is fitted there is only one clip to take them on and off (so wriggly dogs or puppies don’t make life too difficult when trying to get ready for a walk!)

Suitable for: most breeds, big chested or muscled dogs e.g. mastiffs, frenchies, pugs. Try adding a chest panel for extra support, or saddlebags if your dog needs to burn off a few pounds or has high energy when on lead.

Dog Games Perfect Fit

The Dog Games Perfect Fit harnesses have and always will be one of our most popular lines at Browns. These fleece harnesses come in three separate adjustable pieces so you can get the exact fit for your dog. This makes them ideal for “unusual” shaped breeds who struggle to get a good fit with standard harnesses, or growing puppies, as you need only replace one piece at a time. They come as standard with a front ring on the chest panel, making them great for training with double ended leads.

Suitable for: All breeds! Fitting these in store in an absolute must to make sure the harness is truly a perfect fit. The 20mm style is an ideal width for most breeds, however it would be best to go for the narrower 15mm style for puppies or toy breeds, and 40mm for large and giant breeds.

If you’re unsure which harness is best for your dog, please come and speak to one of the Browns consultants who will be able to advise you which would suit your needs best.

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