Show your dog some love this February

Whether you love or hate Valentines Day, this time of year is always a great excuse to spoil our pets! At Browns Natural Pet Store, we’ve got a few suggestions for you to show your dogs how much they mean to you…

Make sure those hugs and cuddles are smelling sweet with our skin and coat supplements. Proflax is a 100% natural superfood supplement designed to condition your dog’s coat, calm itchy skin, and reduce moulting (you’re welcome!) Its base is flax seed oil which also maintains overall heart health and circulation. Try the Dogkind scent spray for a fresh boost of mint and eucalyptus. The natural plant-based formula contains flea repelling neem oil, so those unwanted guests stay outside!

Sick of stinky breath? We have a range of dental treatments to keep your dogs gnashers pearly white and gleaming, some of which don’t even involve brushing if your dog isn’t a fan- we love the Tropiclean Vanilla Mint gel!

While we humans show our affection with beautiful bunches of flowers, our four-legged friends wouldn’t be that appreciative! How about a Kong Wobbler for hours of interactive fun, or a Licki Mat stuffed with liver paste or peanut butter for an indulgent treat? If your dog likes to snuggle up in front of the fire, we have plenty of plush toys to choose from too.

There’s nothing short of a banquet of treats and chews at Browns Natural Pet Store. We recommend the gourmet sausages and venison sticks for dessert after a candlelit dinner. If you’d like something longer lasting- perhaps to give paw parents some peace and quiet- try antlers, Yak Bars, or the infamous giant ostrich bone to keep your pooch occupied.

Whatever your plans this Valentines Day, remember Browns is always on hand to give you the best advice to care for and treat your beloved pets.