In store consultation and expert advice

The Browns touch 

At Browns we offer all our customers a free consultation coupled with expert advice and guidance on a range of subject areas.

Here are a few of our most common requests for help…

  • My dog has sore spots and skin irritations – they wont stop itching – what can i do?
  • How do i start raw feeding my dog or cat?
  • My pet has fleas – what can i use instead of chemicals?
  • Which dry food should i choose for my cat and dog?
  • My dog consistently has bad poo’s, what can i do ?
  • How can i calm my pet?
  • Which harness should i choose?

What is a consultation at Browns like?

When we consult, we like to ask a lot of questions! Essentially it’s just a chat with you to find out a bit more about you and your pet. By discussing in detail all aspects (some of which may seem unimportant) we can build a really clear picture of whats going on with your pet.

How can we help?

Success stories examples….