Introducing Wilsons Raw

Having produced pet food for over 150 years, Wilson’s currently offer a range of Cold Pressed and Raw Frozen Dog Food which is made and pressed in their purpose-built factories in Scotland.

All their meat is UK sourced so the highest welfare standards in the world, the Lamb is Welsh Lamb, Salmon is Scottish Salmon, Chicken and Turkey is British also the Beef is all sourced within 2 miles from the factory, all telling to the quality and freshness.

Their 6 premium flavours are all 90% single sourced meats with offal and bone and 10% veg and also include joint care and superfoods including Turmeric. It’s very impressive.

Now they have launched all their raw food including 4 new lines with the aim to reduce their environmental impact, having worked hard to move away from the original Raw Frozen pouches and are now thrilled to announce that  they have developed compostable sugar cane trays and recyclable cardboard sleeves for all their raw food. Cold pressed is soon to be in compostable packaging too.

Along with the introduction of this new Eco packaging, we are also pleased to launch a new core range of 80/10/10 Raw Frozen dog food in 4 delicious flavours; Lamb, Chicken, Beef and Turkey. Like the Premium Complete range, the ingredients for our Core Raw food are sourced from the UK and produced in our Scottish factory.

The mince is quite coarse making it ideal for all dogs and breeds but can be even more appealing to the more discerning pet!

They are one of the first brands to offer raw pet food in compostable trays which are ‘guilt free’ and easy to use, plus being paired with using local British ingredients, it’s ticking every box! We are also very excited to add their new core range of 80/10/10 for the experienced or DIY feeder, which means whether you’ve been feeding raw for years or have just started, Wilsons Pet Food has the perfect product range for you.

All 10 varieties of Wilson’s raw food is now available in both stores and available to order for free delivery. Prices for the raw food are between £2.20 and £3 and are all in 500g tubs.

The Cold pressed from £15.99 for 2.5kg and available in 3 flavours.