Life after Lockdown

With many of us returning to work after lockdown, our pets can have a bit of trouble adjusting to the “new normal.” In this blog we will look at how to target your pet’s wellness so that they have the best possible chance of easing back into routine. If you are not sure if your pet is displaying signs of stress, our anxiety article from March is worth having a read of too.

As usual for us at Browns Natural Pet Store, we are going to talk about diet! The gut-brain connection is important to consider- the brain, especially an anxious one, can affect the physiology of the gut. Equally, if the gut is not healthy it can trigger signals in the brain, meaning intestinal distress can be either the cause or the product of anxiety. A wholesome, nutritious, and easily digestible diet is not to be underestimated. Keeping your pet’s gut happy is the first steppingstone towards wellness.

Another thing that we love to recommend is herbal medicine. It is likely you will need to experiment and find the right combination for your pet as some remedies work differently depending on the individual. Proflax works by giving a boost of Omega 3 fatty acids to the body, vital for the maintenance of brain function, whereas Denes Nux Vomica is targeted at emotional stress. While these are by no means “miracle cures”, they can certainly support your pet during times of stress and upheaval.


Enrichment toys and puzzles are a great way to associate your absence as being a good thing. Gradually leave your pet for longer periods of time with the introduction of distractions, like a Lickimat or a tasty Kong (please supervise first to ensure your dog or cat will not demolish the toy!) They are also a great way of burning off energy, especially for older dogs who cannot physically exercise as much.

Emotional Support
Though a lot of time it is hard to know what your pet is thinking, it is important to listen to the cues and signs your animal gives you. Routine is a big part of their lives and reintroducing this gently will make it easier for them to adapt to the change. If your pet has separation anxiety, even something small like putting your shoes on or jingling your keys can set off anxiety triggers. If your pet is enjoying their senior years, their more limited cognitive function can make them a lot more sensitive to changes in routine.

If you are not sure which combination will be best for your pet’s wellness, speak to one of our consultants in store, email us, or message us on one of our social media platforms.

Be patient and consistent with your post lockdown transition and your pets will thank you for it- and of course don’t forget to be kind to yourself. We are all in this together!