Make your own pet first aid kit

Muzzle – appropriate type and size for your pet for when they need to be restrained or transported, animals may bite when scared or in pain. (do not use on animals with breathing difficulties, facial injuries or are vomiting)

Nylon slip-lead leash – for restraint

Emergency contact information – include important information in your first aid kit like your pet’s local veterinarian, the nearest emergency vets, animal poisons hotline and it’s very helpful to add a list of ongoing medical conditions and medications your pet is receiving and include the drug name and dosage.

Gauze Squares – for applying pressure to bleeding wounds and creating bandages.

Roll Gauze – for securing bandages in place and can be used to make a makeshift muzzle if you do not have one available.

Small, medium and large bandage with gauze pad – it is ready made and easier to apply than the gauze square and gauze roll.

Cohesive bandage (vet wrap) – for securing bandages and splints (be careful these can become very tight cutting off blood circulation)

Micropore Tape – for securing bandages.

Bandage Scissors – for cutting bandage material or removing a bandage from your pet.

Antimicrobial Ointment – for applying and protecting wounds.
rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) – for cleaning around a wound.

Disposable gloves – latex free is preferred and hand sanitizer is also useful to use on yourself after first aid and when dealing with messy situations.

Biohazard bags – very useful to have when disposing of soiled materials and very useful for paw wounds keeping them clean and dry on walks.

Sterile saline eye wash – to flush the eye.

Tweezers – to remove thorns, grass seeds and other foreign objects from your pet.

Tick Remover – for removing ticks.

Foil Blanket – to warm up your dog slowly which will avoid shock and cardiac arrest.

Digital Thermometer – an average dog temperature is 37.5 to 38.6. anything over 49.1 or under 37 is abnormal,

Styptic powder – for stopping bleeds on nails.
a pocket sized pet first aid manual.