New Goring Store Coming Soon!

Holly and I started our natural pet journey in 2008 when we were gifted our first dog Gracie. As some of you may remember I have worked at the Goring store since I was 14 years old under Colin, Shirley and Lesley Chapman. 27 years ago!

We have so many memories to cherish with Gerbils Larry & Arthur being dumped anonymously at our back door one winter night (and went on to have more than a few loved years at the shop). Our shop cat’s Des (Jazz), Tiddles and Smudge who were all loved adorably whilst they decided to live at the shop (what animal wouldn’t I guess!) as the years passed age and illness caught them.


Our beloved Gracie who was the reason we do what we do and was on the shop floor from 16 weeks of age and for the 11 years that followed. All those beautiful souls have now gone to the better place. You can then probably imagine the emotion that runs thorough this store for me personally. We worked (and still do!) tirelessly 7 days a week till the early hours on many occasions building Shoreline Pet Supplies and then Brown’s.

Goring store circa 1960

The shop has visually stayed the same since the 1960’s, the flooring, door and window frames are all the exact same that were fitted over 60 years ago! Despite a lot of you now knowing us for our Ferring store, the heart beat of the business has always been Goring doing many different things for the business behind the scenes..

Our previously named Shoreline Pet Supplies in 2008

For more than a few years we have had a Goring refit on our minds. The seasons have taken its toll on the shop front in particular and when one leak turned to two and three and time and money were spent on Ferring store, the Goring store always took a back seat….

It’s now the right time to give Goring a nice and well deserved face lift.

On Monday January 10th Goring will temporarily close the door whilst work commences. Goring will be reopening in February (dates TBC) but regular updates will be sent via email and via our social media channels Instagram and Facebook. We will go out of our way, as always, to cater for you during this time.

Please bare with us during this time, our aim is to give you all an enhanced shopping experience.


What does our rebuild mean for you? 

We are increasing our delivery service at this time and dropping the minimum spend to £15. This means we will deliver to your door free of charge as soon as possible (usually 24-48 hours if in stock) whilst we are refurbishing.


We can arrange a collection service for any item both at our warehouse or Ferring store if you require this service. We will need 24 hours notice for collections. Please call 01903 243100 or 899979 to arrange this.


Ferring will hold small animal and wild bird products in stock during the refurbishment. They will also hold a select range of items that Goring stock, that Ferring usually do not. Bear in mind that our Ferring team may not have the exact product you’re after unless you pre-order, although it might be a fun opportunity to try something new and exciting for your pet!

Anything you need that you usually purchase from Goring, please just let us know- text, call, email or via social media and we will oblige delivery or have an order ready for collection.
*A new temporary text service will be available. You can text a question about an order, arrange an order to be delivered or collected by texting 07834 412 115. Your message will be replied to.*
If you are unsure about anything at all please do contact us.


During the refurb many sneak peaks will be sent to members and we will have glimpses on social media of how work is progressing. This is something we are extremely excited about. Goring will still maintain the originality of Brown’s, whilst offering a much cleaner and fresher shopping experience. We have considerably lowered our carbon foot print and created a more free flowing store.

For the raw feeders you can expect a huge range of raw dog food with 40% more freezer space than at Ferring and an extremely large range of loose natural dog treats.

The small animal parents can expect a revamped range with the old favourites, but a bigger selection than we currently have.

Our cat area will be increased significantly with several new ranges arriving, including our own brand of cat food and a bespoke cat freezer for raw food. We are really looking forward to this, we think we will have the best selection for cats in Worthing, if not further afield. 

Our wild bird range is having a makeover with brown paper bags and self serve containers, taking our plastic use down to zero.

We can’t wait!