The Brown’s Howliday Project

The Brown’s Howliday Project is back for 2021!

We think every pet should have a treat at Christmas. That’s why we need your help and are asking for donations to go to Worthing Food Foundation again.  They are managed 100% by local volunteers and every penny is used to support local people through difficult times, in particular during the current pandemic.

As a thank you for helping to feed and treat those dogs and cats who need it most, we are rewarding all charity donations with 100 free points (worth £1) added to your Brown’s Membership.

If you want to help lots of local pet parents in need, here’s how…

1.Grab a paper bag
2.Fill it with any items you want to donate
3. Take items to the till
4.. Pay for the items (use your Membership to get the bonus points!)
5. Place your bag in the donation crate

Thank You & Happy Christmas!