Pets in Lockdown

As another week in Lockdown has gone by, we thought we would share some boredom busters that we’ve been using at Browns! There are so many toys, games, and treats out there, but these are our favourites to keep your dogs – and cats – amused.


Bobbing for treats…

You’ll need nothing but a clean tub or bucket, water, and floating foods… we’ve tried apples & berries but try peas if your dog like a challenge!

Stockpiled loo rolls?

Stand them snugly upright in an old shoebox, and sprinkle with treats for a great stimulating game suitable for dog and cats. Use high value treats like dried sprats so they are easier to sniff out.




Snufflemats are always popular but they can be particularly invaluable for dogs and cats who like to keep busy (also known as those who like to cause havoc!) We recommend using semi-moist treats as they’re more enticing for pets to sniff out but don’t make that much mess indoors on a rainy day- try the JR Pure Trainers or NatureDiet Feel Good treats.

The Trixie Snack Snakes have quickly become a Brown’s must have, especially paired with peanut butter or liver paste! These can be perfect for worried dogs or those with separation anxiety in particular, as the motion of licking is very soothing for them and releases “happy hormones”.


Buster cubes have an internal maze for treats to work through so are much more challenging than your average treat ball. Something small like the Feelwells training treats or Barker & Barker liver bites work nicely, and are definitely tasty enough for the dogs to work hard for!

The Kong Wobbler is another toy for clever beans (there is a cat version too!) as it works on a weighted tipping motion. Feed your pets usual kibble in here to avoid weight gain from shorter walks and staying inside more- or you could try the new look Fish4Dogs sardine super treats for a healthy boost of Omega 3’s.

If your pet is struggling to adjust to your new routine, speak to one of our consultants who can recommend you an activity toy, a chew, or even a calming remedy to help make the transition from normality smoother.