Billy No Mates! 250ml Tincture (Liquid)


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Billy No Mates is a natural herbal liquid blend for dogs and cats to repel fleas, ticks, and mites. The aroma of the herbs is hated by fleas, especially that of neem leaf which is known around the world as nature’s pesticide.
As well as repelling parasites, this blend is also great for the skin, coat, and has a calming effect on the digestion.

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16 in stock


Billy No Mates is suitable for cats and dogs. We recommend feeding daily with your pet’s food, or dropping on to a strong smelling semi moist treat.
Herbs take around six weeks to become effective- if you are currently using conventional flea treatments you can overlap the two to ensure your pet is protected. Start early in the year to be ready for flea season!
Daily Dosage
Cats: 1ml per day
Dogs: 1ml per 10kg of body weight (always round up, so if your dog is 25kg give them 3ml)
A 250ml bottle would last a 20kg dog around sixteen weeks, and cost around 12p a day.
Billy No Mates is a preventative treatment. If your dog already has fleas, try Skinny Shampoo, Skinny Spray, or DE. For cats we recommend DE powder and thorough combing with a flea comb.
Billy No Mates is suitable for puppies and kittens from sixteen weeks. The protein and fat in this tincture are at trace levels, so will suit pets on a strict on controlled diet.
There is no known parasite resistance to herbs. To increase their efficacy, we recommend a short break during the winter months.

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