Dorwest Tree Barks Powder For Dogs And Cats


A herbal powder supplement designed to aid upset stomachs and poor digestion in pets.


Tree Barks powder consists of two ingredients; slippery elm bark and white poplar bark. This naturally soothes the digestive tract by slowing the passage of food through the body and increasing the absorption of nutrients, thus firming up stools and easing discomfort.

Tree Barks is very gentle and can therefore be used by puppies and kittens, and those recovering from illness. Another great addition to your medicine cabinet, tree barks can be used as a one off (if your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have!) or as long term support for digestive issues. 


Finely powdered slippery elm bark 90% and white poplar bark 10% 

Feeding Guide 

Mix with your pet’s food or a liquid such as live yoghurt. Dosage can be increased for severe symptoms. 

1 tsp per 10 kgs bodyweight

Additional information

Weight (g)

100g, 200g, 400g


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