Natural Instinct ZooLac ProPaste


A paste supplement which stabilises digestion and balances gut flora in pets, including puppies and kittens. 


ZooLac paste is a great emergency supplement for the treatment of upset stomachs. It contains concentrated naturally occurring bacteria to balance your pet’s gut and immune system. 

It’s unique composition works mainly by preventing the existing harmful bacteria from attacking the intestinal wall, while Zoolac’s good bacteria works to get rid of them. The attack is a naturally occurring action that limits the growth of harmful bacteria. A must have in any pet owners first aid arsenal. 


4.2 billion bacteria per ml: Lactobacillus Pediococcus, Bacillus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Fat (vegetable), Dextrose, Vinasse (substrate of cells from fermentation of lactic acid), lecithin. Feed additives: Silicone dioxide (E551b), Lactic Acid (E270) 

Feeding Guide 

0-10kg 1ml 

10-25kg 2ml 

25-50kg 3ml 

50kg + 5ml 

ZooLac can be introduced at the full dose immediately, especially if symptoms are severe. It has a milky style flavour so most pets will enjoy it straight out of the syringe- especially good for those who are off their food due to poorly tums! 

Additional information

Size ml

15, 32


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