Proflax Tummy Tastic 350g / 700g


A powder supplement of prebiotics, probiotics, and herbs to support gut health in dogs.


Without a doubt our most popular product to aid gut health, and that which we receive the most positive feedback on. If you have struggled with your dog’s digestion for a long time, or find other products just aren’t hitting the spot, we highly recommend trying Tummy Tastic. 

Slippery elm, fennel, chamomile, and dandelion work with active pre and probiotics to soothe the gut and support a balanced microbiome. It aids absorption, supports immune function, and keeps tummies gurgle free! 


Dandelion root powder, slippery elm powder, chamomile powder, dried fennel, yeasts, dried chicory root, mannanoligosaccharides: improves gut microflora balance (Added Probiotics; 

Enterococcus faecium & Bacillus subtilis: aids digestion and helps to maintain a healthy mix of bacteria in the stomach. 

100% Natural Clays; Montmorillonite & Sepiolite clays to aid the removal of toxins from the body. The clay acts as a great detoxifier and cleanser of the gut walls.) 

Feeding Guide 

Add to your dog’s food once a day (mix with a little water to help it stick to dry food!) Suitable from 8 weeks.

Feeding amount in ml** per kg of dogs weight; 

Miniature dogs up to 5kg 5ml (.25 scoop) 

Small dogs 5-10kg 10ml (.5 scoop) 

Medium dogs 10-25kg 20ml (1 scoop) 

Large dogs 25-40kg 30ml (1.5 scoops) 

Giant dogs over 40kg 40ml (2 scoops) 


**This product is in grams, however the added scoop measures in ml so weights have been adjusted to ml for feeding purposes. 

Feed two hours either side of medication as slippery elm may affect absorption of certain medications. Tummy Tastic is considered safe to be taken as an integrative approach alongside medication, however, please consult your own vet for advice if at all concerned.

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350g, 700g


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