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Products of the month

Each month here at Browns, we will be featuring a selection of our favourite products handpicked by members of our team and customers.

There are over 30,000 lines we currently stock, demonstrating our commitment to always trying to give you the best and most varied toys, treats, clothes and food possible! Find out who the top rated items are this month. If you would like to nominate something purchased from Brown’s that deserves the accolade of top item, then please send us an email to and attach a photo as well if you like!



Innocent Hound Luxury Cat and Dog Treats

These new treats from Innocent Hound are all grain free and packed full with high quality meat. Venison, Tuna and Crab are very novel, so great for dogs with food intolerance’s and the single source venison one is sure to be popular.


Collards Grain Free Cans

We often still get persevered as an expensive pet store with expensive products. This 99p of Collards complete wet food really dispels that myth! You can get high quality complete foods with us at budget prices. Collards cans sell really well here, and offer so many plus points. It’s relatively low in fat, has a really nice gravy for extra palatability, and contain a limited number (great for sensitive stomachs) of high quality ingredients like pumpkin and courgette in this duck flavoured can. The other flavours we stock are turkey and chicken.


AniForte Flea-EX

Great for cats and dogs, this natural flea and parasite remover works really well. It’s safe to spray directly onto the animal skin thanks to it’s nature loving ingredients, but don’t forget to spray in your pet living and sleeping areas too.


For all DogKind Daily Freshner

We love this product and use it in the Ethical Pet Spa all the time. Not only does it leave your dog smelling great, it also has neem in it which helps to repel fleas and other parasites. As with all our products, it’s 100% natural so can be used safely and without any harm to you or your dog.


Animal Instincts Travel Water Bottle

I’ve chosen this compact fold-away water bottle. My own dog has one and her job is to assist my mum on delivery drives. This helps to keep her hydrated in a practical and functional way – she loves it!


Hound Miracle Dry Foam Wash

This a great product as the smell really lasts! It’s great for quick bath as no water is needed. It’s full of natural lovely ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Camomile.

MAY 2019


Ruffwear Cooling Vest

We already stock Ruffwears amazing harnesses, so we know that any product from them is usually high quality. Perfect for the summer season approaching, their cooling vests are lightweight and ideal to help your dogs manage their temperature whilst looking and feeling cool at all times.


Trixie Cooling Mats

Summer is nearly here and these mats sold out extremely quickly last year. They come in a wide range of sizes and no doubt will help your dogs or cats stay cool during the rising temperatures over this next few months.


Green & Wilds Olivewood Chews

These 100% natural chews are a tough and durable alternative to rawhide. They’re sustainable and the packaging is plastic free so they’re perfect for the eco conscious dog owner


Ditsy Pet Collars and Leads

These are available for dogs and cats, are handmade and are made by a family run, small business like us. They are soft, comfortable and come in a really wide variety of designs.

APRIL 2019

Kenny – Store Manager

CatIt Senses Play Circuit

I bought this for my cats and they love it! It appeals to their senses of sight, sound and touch which are key when hunting prey. It’s specially designed to entice, engage and entertain your cat while appealing to their natural instincts. You have a special track also which allows them to see, chase and swat the ball. The ball its self is weighted so moves on it’s own!

Neil – Business Development Manager

Outward Hound & Dog It Slow Feeders

If you have one of those dogs or cats that finishes their food in seconds, then these slow feeders really do help encourage a bit more time taking for breakfast and dinner. Some owners come to us and ask why their dogs and cats are sick straight after eating food and focus on diet as the problem, rather than the process of eating. A slow feeder has additional mental stimulation benefits too, encourage a more realistic behaviour for foraging like they would do in the wild. We stock a range of slow feeders, but these two are probably the most popular and come in lots of sizes and colours to suit all pet sizes!

Sophie – Ferring Store Consultant & Delivery Driver

Rosewood Jungle Chews

My Product of the month goes to these brilliant Jungle Chews. At just £1 they are a complete bargain and my fussy dog loves them. Being just £1 you can buy loads of them regularly without breaking the bank and your dog ends up thinking you’re a hero.

Cassie – Goring & Ferring store consultant

Vitacanis Calcoming Floral Spray * NEW IN STORE PRODUCT

This spray is 100% natural and packed full of benificial essential oils and herbs. It’s very relaxing smell can double as a pillow spray for yourself! You can also spray it on furnishings as well as your dog. It also has a reduced amount of plastic which means the spray bottle could be reused an endless amount of times.

MARCH 2019

Cassie – Goring Store Consultant

Edgard Cooper Cat Range

“Edgard Cooper provide great value in terms of quality ingredients and a wide variety of flavours. Their food includes natural herbal support, for example chamomile and Valerian, plus 10% of their profits go to animal charities”

Tasha – Ethical Pet Spa Stylist

For All Dog Kind Ear Cleaner

“We already use For All Dog Kind Products in the spa, but they recently released a new ear cleaner which we though we would try. It seems to be a very good product so far and as usual full of all natural ingredients. It’s got Echinacea and aloe vera extract and apart from the slightly odd green colour, our dogs seem to like it!”

Kerrie – Ferring Store Consultant

Tribal Apple Mint & Ginger Biscuits

“Ginger is great for preventing conditions such as bloat and can also soothe sensitive tummies. Ginger can also help with car sickness and the mint will help in aiding digestion as well as freshening their breath. It also contains flaxseed which is rich in protein fibre and heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed also helps reduce inflammation and is anti-aging”.

Roxy – Goring store Consultant

Soopa Dental Sticks (Banana & Peanut Butter)

These are great for skin and coat, easy to digest and dogs seem to love them! We have sold a really good amount over the last month and we think they are an excellent alternative to a meat treat for your four legged friends.


Neil – Business Development Manager


“I’ve chosen LickiMats because of their really amazing versatility for Cats and Dogs. They are great as a feeding device or treat dispenser and you can put a really wide range of wet or raw foods in them. For the price, i think they are an excellent product and tick both the boredom and anxiety busting boxes! They come in three different designs, two colours and also two sizes, so have excellent variation whatever sized cat or dog you own.”

Kenny – Store Manager

Green & Wilds Bag of Tiddlers

“My cats love these dried fish. I hide them around the house to stimulate their hunting instincts and keep them busy while i’m at work. They’re suitable for cats on raw diet and are great for skin and coat condition too.”

Rob – Pack Leader

True Hemp Dental Sticks

“These sticks have been great for both my dogs and they love them. The calming ones are great for my nervous Bree who does well with the hemp oil, lemon balm and chamomile, where as 10 year old Gracie needs the joint versions with green lipped muscle and turmeric.”