Project Jeff

Gorgeous Cockapoo Jeff first visited us in December last year for the first time.
Jeff was very anxious whilst been groomed and found the whole experience quite stressful. In particular, he doesn’t like his feet or areas around his head being touched.
We would never push a dog during their visit with us and add additional pressure, so we tried to make Jeff’s groom more relaxed and didn’t touch the areas we knew he felt most stress around. Despite this, his behaviour over the last few months since he first visited us had got progressively worse (biting, barking and other typical responses) so we investigated getting specialist help from a lady called Mandy Locks of Akira Dog Training.
We have been working closely with Jeff alongside Mandy and his owner Anne for the last 5 weeks now, and we have already had a incredible set of results in such a short time. Jeff now comes in once a week for an half hour appointment, and we give him lots of praise and treats, and just do whatever he is feeling comfortable with.
Jeff knows his stop and start commands and will communicate with us by jumping off the table when he needs a break. We still have a long way to go as Jeff has quite a few special quirks, but we are thrilled with the progress made through working together as a team in a slow patient way. We know that by continuing with working in this way,  we can make Jeff’s groom a happy, calm, and fear free experience.
Follow the link here to see a short video of our session last week highlighting just how far we have come since Jeff first visited us.