Trick or Treat…with Turmeric!

There’s nothing scary about the recent rise of turmeric! Originating from Southeast Asia, turmeric has a medicinal history dating back nearly 4000 years, though in the last 25 years over 3000 studies have been conducted into its importance and benefits. This Halloween at Browns Natural Pet Store we are celebrating the wonders of this brilliant yellow plant! 

We’re not sure how well it works with vampires, but turmeric is like garlic in its many uses for the health of our pets. It is a strong anti-inflammatory so can help with joint problems such as arthritis, injuries, itchy skin, and allergies. Turmeric is also known for being antibacterial and antiviral so is great for healing wounds (that’s any zombie bites covered!) If your dog or cat struggles with any gruesome tummy issues then give turmeric a try- it soothes inflammation in the gut and stimulates the body’s ability to produce bile, meaning food is broken down a lot more easily. 

The potency of the turmeric is important when using it for health benefits. At Browns Natural Pet Store, we only stock turmeric from reputable suppliers. It is essential that turmeric is given with a fatty substance such as coconut oil (Golden Paste) or mixed with your pets meal so it is easily absorbed. Bioavailability is also increased by up to 2000% by the compound ‘piperine’, naturally found in black pepper (both Dorwest and The Golden Paste Co. contain black pepper.)

As with anything that vaguely resembles a paste, we highly recommend trying a Lickimat with the Golden Paste! If your dog loves to chew, why not whip up a witch’s brew of turmeric paste, cooked pumpkin, and Soopa cranberry bites for a truly spooky Kong treat! 

Share your experiences with turmeric, Halloween treat recipes, and of course pictures of your pets trick or treating on Facebook or Instagram- black cats welcome!