Which chew is the best for my dog’s teeth?

It’s no secret that supermarket and big name brand dental sticks are often full of sugar, artificial ingredients, and additives- not the best way to keep your pooch’s teeth clean. So, if they aren’t great, what should you try? Well we’re glad you asked, because we have plenty of alternatives to keep those pearly whites sparkling!
The main thing to remember when chew-sing (sorry) a dental treat are the three “S” rules. Size, Supervise, Separate.

Make sure the chew you go for is appropriate for your dog. Are they very young or are they older and have more soft, delicate teeth? Are they a tough chewer, or the type to gulp things down? For example, we would not recommend Whimzee veggie sticks as a long-lasting option for tough chewers, whereas they are great for puppies and those who like to take their time.
At Browns we sell most chews loose which gives you the ability to try a few different things. Every dog is individual and varying the treats you give will make sure you reach all the different teeth- and your dog will enjoy the choice!

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As a “better safe than sorry” rule, we don’t ever recommend leaving your dog alone with any chews. However, as your dog’s best friend, you know them best! Avoid treats that come off in big chunks or those that can go slimy such as pig’s or cow’s ears. If you do want to leave your pooch with something, make sure you test it a few times first and see how they get on.

Again, this can vary from owner to owner but as a rule it’s a good idea to separate your dogs when they are having a treat. Even if they have had chews together before, a new treat or something of high value (i.e. stinky pizzle sticks or raw bones) may create competition. (This rule counts for other small furries and young children in the home too!)

Now For The Browns Favourites!

The Tough One…
Antlers- undoubtedly the toughest chew on the market, antlers are a great low-fat chew that lasts. Make sure you choose the size and shape appropriate for your dog (the Browns consultants can guide you on this.)
Buffalo Horns- still tough but smellier (and tastier!) so good for fussy pooches who don’t take much of an interest in antlers. Some are hollow and can be stuffed with wet food, peanut butter, or liver paste for a natural boredom buster.

The Puppy One…
Whimzee & Veggie Chews- gentle on soft teeth and delicate tummies, these are a great starter chew for puppies.
Pizzles- hands down our most popular chew at Browns, and if you haven’t tried them yet then definitely give them a go next time you visit us! They’re long-lasting, low fat, and super tasty, making them suitable for most dogs.

The Grain Free One…
We have a huge range of pure and natural chews, so if your dog is sensitive or intolerant to grain you will be spoilt for choice! Try dried deer legs for dogs with strong jaws, goat sticks for those with allergies, or if you’re feeling really brave, a hairy bully snout!

September – Hairy Bull Snout

The Everyday One…
Edgard Cooper Doggy Dental Sticks- these plant-based sticks contain fresh ingredients such as eucalyptus and mint to keep teeth clean and breath fresh- perfect for kisses!Benevo Pawtato Tubes- these chews come in several varieties and are great value starting from £2. Try the blueberry sticks for a boost of antioxidants, or seaweed to banish bacteria in the mouth.

The Browns consultants are always on hand to advise on which chew is suitable for your furry best friend- send us a message on one of our social media channels or give us a call, and we hope to see you in store soon.