Winter Coat Care

Tasha from our Ethical Pet Spa, goes through some of the grooming dos and don’ts for the coming months.

As the weather is gradually getting colder and wetter, a lot of dog owners often think it is best to leave their dogs coats longer, or to get them groomed less frequently.

Although this may seem like the right thing to do, your dog is more likely to be uncomfortable after those muddy wet winter walks – here are a few reasons why.

  • Long fur takes longer to dry – a wet damp dog is an unhappy dog, which also leaves you with a smelly house.
  • Wet fur left to dry naturally, without brushing, easily gets matted – leading to skin irritations and a more expensive groom next time around!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most dogs spend a lot of the day indoors with the heating on, or curled up by the fire, so they are possibly not as cold as you think they are.

In order to keep your dogs coat in perfect condition over the next few months, we would recommend the following:

  • Daily brushing and combing to prevent any knots and tangles
  • Checking and rinsing their paws after walks with a paw Mud Buster to prevent any skin irritations – see pic below
  • Thoroughly drying them after a walk -ensuring not to rub dry with a towel as this creates nasty tangles! You can pat dry to remove excess moisture and finish off with a hand held dryer

We would advise bringing your dog in regularly every 4 weeks in between their full groom (6-8 week slots) for a spruce up which would include a bath, blow dry, nail trim, feet and face tidy for just £28. Get your dog booked in now to keep them looking and feeling their best this winter!


Which Products should I use?

Here are some of my favourite products that I use in the Ethical Pet Spa and why:

  1. Farm Dog Nose & Paw Balm – This is for cracked paws and dry noses this time of year
  2. For All Dog Kind Dirty Dog Shampoo – Perfect for using after muddy walks. It’s incredibly cleansing and like all our treatments and products – 100% natural and free from chemicals.
  3. AniForte Ear Cleaner – This time of year when the central heating is on and your house is warm and cosy – it can cause wax to build up in your dogs ears which can in turn lead to infections. We would recommend using this ear cleaner daily to prevent wax building up
  4. For All Dog Kind Daily Freshener Spray – Ideal to keep your dog smelling fresh and also works as a flea and tick repellant
  5. Slicker Brush – Grooming your dog daily with a slicker brush will help take out your dogs dead coat and remove any unwanted debris – helping to avoid painful and tricky to get rid of matts
  6. Fine Comb – After using the slicker brush, we recommend going through the dogs coat with a fine comb to prevent knots and tangles


Tasha is always available for a chat about any grooming questions or queries you have – she can be contacted on 01903 899979, or email

And don’t forget we have an upcoming promotional Spa Day event on Saturday 17th November – see our Facebook Page for more details